123Visit.nl helps owners to promote their vacation home without hassle and sky-high commissions. So that guests really get their money’s worth and have direct personal contact with the owner.

1. Add your holiday home

Go to Add listing at the top and fill out the form. You can skip fields and add them later.
Click on the ¨Preview¨ button at the bottom.
You will then see a preview of your listing. If it looks good or is it good enough for now, click Submit. Your account is automatically created with your Email address, your placement added to your dashboard.

Can’t login? Then go to https://123visit.nl/login and click on forgot password.
You can also click on this link directly, then you will receive an email to set a new password: https://123visit.nl/my-account/lost-password/ Always wait at least 20 minutes before you try again and check your spam box.

Do you have large images? The site becomes slow with too heavy photo files.
Resize them with eg https://imageresizer.com/ to 1920 pixels wide:

Photos smaller than 5 MB can also be resized up to 20 pieces at a time online with Tinypng.com

2. Your offer will be posted immediately

No payments, no questionnaires. No approval required from the administrator of this website.
Directly online.
You can adjust it whenever you want.

Option: save as draft : your posting will be saved in your account and will remain invisible until you publish it. So you can edit, add data and publish later. Go to https://123visit.nl/listings-dashboard/ there you will see an overview of what you have posted and the status.

Bookable products:
This is still under development and being tested by a few owners.
Do you also want to test this or do you already have some experience with WordPress?
You can then request a Vendor account with which you can add a bookable product.
https://123visit.nl/aanmelden-voor-account/ NB: as a Vendor you must first be approved by us, so wait for your confirmation. This may take a while. In the meantime, you can continue to list your property via Add listing.

You will see this under Add listing – so only Vendors can use this option.
Here you link your Accomodation to your placement.
Select your bookable ¨product¨ from the list (optional)

3. You will be found

This phase will take a while, but the more homes are placed, the faster it goes!

4. Receive direct bookings and/or links to your own site

0.0% commission. We are building our own platform!

Does not it work?
Send an email to hello@123visit.nl and we will be happy to help you!




Add your holiday home