Vision for our platform – wishes of owners

For I (Fanny) thought about how I would like to set up and maintain such a platform:

My vision:
For and by owners.
It must be and remain free for the placement of a home (Do it yourself) and must also be free to visit.
In the future maybe to a foundation or association with a voluntary contribution and advertisers for in the footer or sidebar (no premium placements that are higher than others, everyone can be found on real relevance).

I now incur costs and I think there will be costs for a developer to make customizations. Furthermore, the website will soon have to transfer to a VPS for performance.
In principle, I can and will bear these costs, but it is cool that people are already coming forward who want to make a contribution. This will therefore always be voluntary. Only then can you reach mi a real platform for and by owners. A few people pull the cart and guard the vision. The goal is to keep it really transparent, so an insightful sheet with the actual costs and for the customization that will certainly be done – first a cost estimate.

For and by owners:
Support and further expand.

Time is spent in:

  • support to owners: help with login, password, photos and their placement
  • Facebook group tracking – answer questions
  • A linkeding group – not everyone is on Facebook
  • generate awareness in other groups and Social Media, point to free placement at
    I occasionally do that in large Facebook groups when someone shares a nice holiday home there, with a compliment underneath and the tip to post it here too. So not your own message, that is often not allowed.
  • help with setting up their bookable product: putting the English-language articles online in understandable Dutch and helping vendors to place their own bookable calendar
  • support to visitors – this will not be so bad for the time being.
  • customizing and translating theme and plugins – removing unnecessary things and sometimes giving better names via Loco-translate.

About transparency: The website is built with WordPress and a specific theme that I once bought for a client to use elsewhere, I’ve always had this theme in mind to do something with Listings – then with the thought entrepreneurs association or the website for the promotion of the region of our holiday home. This allowed me to build it up quite quickly and allow for easy installation.

In the meantime purchased the necessary Premium plugins:
Woocommerce bookings and MultiVendor and a separate plugin for adding icons for “Tags” (eg WiFi – disabled – pet – horses – swimming pool) are now included, in principle someone can already link a bookable product to the placement.
Bookings: with this a calendar appears at the house.
Number of people has already been processed in bookings.

Anyone who would like to contribute to one or more of these tasks on a voluntary basis is most welcome!
Do you have tips, do you discover bugs, do you want to add a Tag, report it below, then complete the website together.